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May 2nd, 2010

deborahrgoldman: (Default)
Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 05:01 am
Today is the big day, I will be setting out for my cruise. I will be going to Bermuda via the Norwegian Dawn with my sister for a week. The cruise will be from today til next Sunday.

We will have a room with a port hole. It was between a port hole or a window with an obstructured view. The obstructured view by the way would be a lifeboat. We chose the port hole, becuase we didn't want ot be seeing a lifeboat for a week. However, it would of been a really good way to see if there was any problem on the ship. I can imagine the conversation.

Naomi: Hey I see people getting in the lifeboats
Me: I guess we better start heading up now.

In case you are wondering I am sending this post through LetterMeLater, where I am able to schedule emails to be sent. I just happen to be setting these emails to update my Live Journal/Dreamwidth ahead of time. So if you get more updates from me and are wondering, hey how can she be updating her blog, I thought she didn't have internet access, that is why.

Well anyway... my dad is planning on taking us to the ship. We are planning on taking the bus to the train (hmmm...maybe my dad can drive us to the train station), then take the train and when we get to our stop take a cab. The train to the port where the ship departs is walkable but since we are carrying luggage with us, we though that this would be the easiest choice.